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The Right Choice

By participating in tradeshow, expo and convention, you are able to create a full list of prospective clients who come from all over the world and are eager to establish a successful relationship with you. A number of companies consider going to many different tradeshows, expos and conventions to expose themselves; however, various and strict display rules and regulations of each show requires exhibitors extra works and costs to prepare the shows completely.​


We are here to help you with all the burdens and worries. Midas Convention Service would like to share our 20 years of knowledge, skills and experience with you partnering our exhibit experts and professionals. We are grateful for your valuable business and will always try our best to be your go-to business partner.


We are confident of our service quality and pricing. Please compare our services, product quality and price with any other U.S. based convention services companies. Again, we are confident.


Our warehouse and fabrication teams are fully equipped with brand new CNC machine.

This computer based cutting and design tool provides a precise dimension of furniture and structures to fit your product. 


Our experienced project managers, warehouse & fabrication teams are working cohesively. The cooperative attitude working closely together gives us more time not just for paper works but planning client’s marketing strategy.


We consider all aspects thoroughly when we design a booth.

Our booth design is created based on safety concerns for exhibitors and visitors. Attendee’s safety is our first priority.  

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