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Midas Convention Service
iMultidisciplinary studio focusing on​ Exhibition, Tradeshow, Convention.
Trade show in USA, 미국전시

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Spaceworks, Midas Convention, 스페이스웍스, 마이더스 컨벤션, 미국전시

We are sure, you've seen our booth at Magic & Fame show!

Trade show in USA, 미국전시

It doesn’t matter what kind of services and products your company provides. We do any type of tradeshows/conferences/events for any industries. 

Trade show in USA, 미국전시

Design your booth with our chairs, desks & custom made desks in this list to reduce your expenses and capture visitor's attention.

Trade show in USA, 미국전시

We provide the same quality hanging sign/banner as other major hanging sign providers. Do not waste your time on looking for one. We can handle it at reasonable price for you.